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100% Organic Rooibos

Supporting our communities from farm to cup

Welcome to Arona

Imported directly from the Cederberg valley in Cape Town, South Africa, to your pantry. Arona is your destination for everything authentically Rooibos. Our organic Rooibos teas are flavoured and blended for everyone, from those seeking a simple taste experience, to the most discerning tea drinker.

Welcome to Arona

Our Collections

Rooibos is quite a different flavour profile. It is a smooth mellow tasting tea that possesses sweet undertones, with earthy, natural wood cues. We have often heard the taste best described as "earthy" or "rustic".

In Southern Africa, rooibos is hugely popular for its delicate flavour and “good for you” health benefits. Naturally caffeine free, with an abundance of polyphenols and antioxidants, these unique properties stand whether you steep for a short or long period and its flavour remains smooth with no bitterness.

We are excited to bring you everything rooibos and we are constantly exploring different ways to make our favourite tea yours.

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The Rooibos Originals

Pure goodness

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Rooibos Tea Blends

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Rooibos Natural Infusions

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Story Video

Our Story

Rooibos is not just another herbal tea. It has a pedigree that comes from its rich heritage. Enjoyed for generations in Southern Africa, we thought it time to share its legacy with you.

Working Together

Working together

Community is at the heart of our values. Building sustainable practices across our business is important to us.

We care about how what we do can make a difference.

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Retail Partnerships

We support businesses like ours through our risk free retail partnerships. Becoming a reseller has never been easier.

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Community Partnerships

Community is family, we are all important. Working together is what we believe in. Building collective success is what we aspire  

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Let's talk sustainability

We love our planet and we work hard to make sure we are doing our part and being responsible

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Makin a difference
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Making a difference

Steeped in the deep-rooted traditions and values of its African heritage, Arona is committed to strengthening community through engagement and partnerships that support, promote and empower the individuals within it.

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