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Arona Rooibos Tea

Where we are from

The people behind the brand are from Gaborone, Botswana. A beautiful southern African country of approximately 2 million people.

Our name, Arona, is from the Setswana language. It is pronounced “Ah-Runa”, and means "belongs to us" or "ours". Our choice of name was inspired by our love for community.

Our Story: About Us

Why rooibos?

For us growing up in Southern Africa, rooibos was, and remains until today, a standard fixture in nearly every pantry. Generations of Africans have grown up drinking rooibos for its unique flavour and reported health benefits.

We know its not "just" a herbal tea and this is what we want you to know too.

Discover Rooibos

Why Rooibos
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Community is important

We are legit in our commitment to community. Our vision is to forge relationships and partnerships that empower all of us to grow. How do we do this? We get involved; all of us!

We can help each other and make differences to be the change we want to see in our communities and the world.

We focus, daily, on trying to help someone. If we all did this, then we can all help everyone.

Take a look at our Community and Retail partnerships to see how we can work together.

Our Story: About Us
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