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Gripp Pincer Spoon Infuser

Gripp Pincer Spoon Infuser

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The Grosche Gripp Pincer Spoon Tea Infuser is perfect for making one cup of tea.


Simply open the spoon by pressing the two arms together, scoop up some tea, and it snaps shut as you loosen your grip. Then, just let it steep in your cup of hot water.


The Gripp is made from 18-8 stainless steel so it will never rust. The fine mesh will contain your tea leaves so that no leaves or residue gets into your drink. 



  • Tea scoop for 2-3 cups of tea.
  • Easy to squeeze handle for easy use.
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel.
  • No mess design,
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    Spoon Graphic (1)_edited.png

    Use 1 tsp (approx. 2g) loose Rooibos tea or 1 tea bag in 250ml cup. 

    Tea Bag Steep Graphics_edited.png


    Temp Grpahic_edited.png

    Rooibos teas require more heat. Boil water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit/ 100 degrees Celsius.


    Clock Graphic_edited.png

    Steep for 4-7 minutes to taste. We recommend minimum 6 minutes to extract all the goodness.


    Mug Graphic_edited.png

    Put the water in the mug/cup and then add the tea. Do not pour the hot water over the tea.


    Spoon Graphic (2)_edited.png

    You can serve cold: Mix with Fruit juice or add fruits, lemon or mint to taste. Pour over ice, serve chilled and enjoy!

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