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Safety First!

Hello community

In these challenging times, the safety of our friends, families, customers, and staff is our top priority. At Arona, we are working tirelessly to ensure that you receive an exceptional product and service while we make an extra effort to keep everyone healthy and safe.

As our people are working to get your rooibos products to you, here are a few extra steps we are taking to ensure the welfare of all:

Providing a curbside pick up option to all our valued customers

Updated production shifts to allow for cleaning, disinfecting, and handwashing

Practicing social distancing at all times within our facilities

Wearing masks to ensure the well being of employees

We will continue to provide the highest level of care for our employees and customers, and we’re excited to be here for all of your rooibos needs.

We know how important your order is to you, and while things are a little outside of the ordinary at the moment, our team will be making an extraordinary effort to get your order to you promptly and safely.

Stay strong, We are here with you. Brighter times are ahead!

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